GUARATEED DELIVERY to all countries


Why wasn't my Western Union picked up yet?

Western Union has implemented a new pick up limit and this can delay the processing of the payments with a few days in some particular cases. As soon as the payment is picked up you'll be notified and the order will be shipped.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Currently we accept Bitcoin, Western Union and Bank Transfer. Assuming you are familiar to our payment methods, all necessary payment details will be provided right after submitting your order. A confirmation mail with all necessary info will be sent as well.

We do not accept credit/debit cards, PayPal or any other payment methods that aren’t mentioned above. No exceptions on this particular situation.

Can the money be seized by the payment agent?

Never. Even if a transaction is suspicious, the funds will be returned to the sender.

Do you accept credit cards or PayPal?


How Can I Pay With Western Union?

When you make an order from our site, you must choose payment method to complete your order. If you choose Western Union as a payment method you’ll see payment informations there. If you want to pay from Western Union agency, you must find closest Western Union agency first than you’ll pay directly (please visit to find it). Or you could pay with your debit card or credit card from You can use your bank's online services to make payment with Western Union.

How Can I Pay With Bitcoins?

First of all you must create Bitcoin wallet (please visit this site to create bitcoin wallet Second stage you must install Bitcoin Software to your PC or mobile device to make payment (you can install from here You can buy Bitcoin from other people who selling them or from exchanges (for example from Third stage when you complete your payment you must choose Bitcoin as a payment method. After that our system automatically direct you to Bitcoin service that you can easily make payment.

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